MDOT strives to be recognized as a progressive and innovative agency that inspires public confidence. One way the department is accomplishing this vision is by increasing transparency and public access to transportation data through leading edge GIS technology.

MDOT's Open Data Portal was developed alongside our ArcGIS Online site to provide a way for staff, department partners, and the public to easily search for and download available data on Michigan's transportation infrastructure.

Using this site you can browse, search, preview, and download a variety of MDOT datasets. You can browse by category or enter keywords in the search box to locate data you may be interested in. As you browse through the datasets, the geographic extent (area) will be displayed on the map. Each dataset provides descriptive information that allows you to learn more about its content, explore its attributes, and filter by type or geographic area before downloading. Data is available for download in a variety of formats including an ESRI shapefile, a spreadsheet (CSV), a KML, or an API. You can also subscribe to datasets and be notified when new versions or updates are available.